Exciting things are happening here at Beverage Concepts.

Australian wine maker Peter Dennis has brought us some Mead, a delightful ambrosia…made from bees harvesting the mellow alfalfa.

Peter has mastered the art of fermenting this age-old drink and suggests it should be enjoyed at room temperature,  or warmed to draw out the spice (his family secret ingredient) This produces a lively mulled wine effect…

But is there more we can do with Mead? Peter Suggests:  Mix Mead with Soda Ice and Cucumber for a real refresher. Or Add his to a cut up fruit salad – divine.  When we took Peter out to meet a series of liquor store buyers and the subject of mixed drinks was a popular topic.

Fruit salad, seen close up.

For a flavour flair add Mead to a fruit salad.

What can we do with Mead?  Mead & Rum with tonic and Lime zest perhaps…? we’ll do some research on this and welcome any reply.

As for Peter he pledges to be back in the spring for a Wine makers dinner at Legacy Liquor Store in Vancouver. His Mead arrives November 15th so we should be able to come up with a few mixes by then.

And remember this for the purist…Mead can only be made with Honey.

Peter Dennis Mead will be available at private liquor stores for about $24.00 per 750ml bottle.  Be sure to try a bottle for the aphrodisiac effect it has as the traditional drink of the moon cycle following a roman wedding – hence the term Honeymoon.