In keeping with the back bottle moniker… Neck of the Woods is putting their money where their label is by living up to their mantra “From our Neck of the Woods to Yours”

Beginning  this November 50 cents from every bottle of Neck of the Woods Wine sold on Vancouver Island goes to the development of the Community Arts Council Scholarship Fund established by Carollyne Yardley with her donation of the Red Hat Squirrel Image featured on this Limited Edition “Nosey Neighbour BC VQA White Wine” product.

Nosey Neighbour white is a delightful blend of Fraser Valley Seigerrebe and Schoenberger blended with an excellent Okanagan Chardonnay and just a touch of Riesling or so we are told…try a glass for yourself at the Superior Cafe in Victoria and enjoy the good taste of the BC 100 mile diet.

About the Artist

In September 2010, Carollyne launched her new business as a visual artist, and began to remove the mask of technology to emerge as her true self, standing with her hands on her hips, yelling and laughing at the squirrels in her yard.
Raised in Victoria, British Columbia, Carollyne Yardley completed two years in the Faculty of Fine Arts, and has a History in Art degree from the University of Victoria. Most recently, she has taken art classes at the Victoria College of Art and studied with Tony Ryder at The Ryder Studio School  in Santa Fe, New Mexico. For over a decade she has been the business owner and creative director of a web development company.