Beer from 25 different countries,

International Spirits

Domestic and Specialty – Single Serve – Craft Beer

Fraser Valley – VQA Wine from Neck of the Woods

Plus Import Wine options from Chile, USA, Australia and More….Oh my!

Top Sellers include:

Asahi – Japan’s #1 beer (and the #1 Japanese beer taste in BC) is a delightful 5% lager that features a range of unique and interesting qualities.  A true import. all Asahi sold in Canada is from one of the 9 Pacific Rim Asahi breweries in Asia.

Asahi boasts one of the most environmentally friendly production facilities and everyone can enjoy the “Super Dry” taste and non-bloating yeast.  Never filling and always fresh.  Asahi is preservative free.

Asahi is available in British Columbia as a 135ml mini can, 500ml cans, 330ml bottle 6packs, 640ml bottles and a resealable 2litre can.

And on your next visit to a Tapas Bar look for look for Alhambra 6.4% golden lager from Spain.  A 57 day brewing cycle creates an Earthen Crisp Euro Style beer that is free of brewers droop.  Have one at 4:20 pm and feel a pick me up boost that puts the happy in happy hour.

Beer from the Worlds Oldest Brewery !!! Weihenstephaner is now available in BC in a 500ml Bottle – why not…start at the beginning.

Lucky Buddha –  from the land of a thousand lakes…
the name says it all.