Asahi is the #1 Japanese Beer in Japan… So it comes as no surprise that Asahi “Super Dry” is the preferred choice in BC too.

Asahi is a leader on the world brewing stage…Maybe the third Largest brewer in the world…the 9 Asahi Breweries located in and around Japan make more hectolitres of beer than all the Canadian breweries combined.

It’s Science that makes this beer the best lager for paring with delicate foods like sushi and pasta. Remarkable technology that made Asahi the grandfather of every other “dry” beer brand.  In addition to a crisp, palate pleasing and refreshing taste, Asahi Lager is the perfect companion to Steak and BBQ. (the Japanese really know BBQ). And the Japanese also know Technology.  The Brand is Super Dry and Super Green…They have won agricultural awards for the handling of the raw ingredients (you never want to bruise your hops).  They use Solar Power and have even found a way to divide the brewing process into parts, stages that reduce energy consumption.

It is important to note that Asahi is not a rice beer…and unique to the brand is the proprietary non-bloating yeast strain 312 which results in a beer that has a one year shelf life preservative free!  Oh and did we mention the beer is “non-bloating”…that’s right!  The Asahi yeast produces a beer that never fills you up, so it doesn’t interfere with the food you are eating or the amount you might like to drink when sitting at a baseball game having a good time.

Look for the available 6pack, 640ml bottles, resealable 2litre can with handle and the versatile “go anywhere” 135 mini can.