We welcome the season before us… And the recipes that come out for rum. You may be surprised the origins and establishments that embrace this fair spirit. Like the “double exposure” (pictured right) available at Kobe Steakhouse Vancouver – order a few and find out. Bar captain “Melo” makes this in honour of his twin brothers music group by the same name.  The drink features award-winning Newfoundland Screech, Alizé, and melon liqueur.  But he is not done…he uses Screech in a variety of his famous rum drinks and has a few new recipes up his sleeve.

SCREECH you say…Yikes – watch out ! keep that stuff away from me….

But we beg your pardon…(and where have you been hiding?)  the Canadian iconic Screech of today is a careful blend of two Jamaican rum that benefits from its two-year northern climate barrel maturation.  A gold medal winner at the 2003 San Francisco Spirit Awards this is not the firewater that may have been “swish” somebody’s cousin backpacked across the country.  What has really happened is the taste profile has stabilized to be what rum should taste like before you start adding coke  or eggnog.

Try Screech again…or for the first time. Try it neat or over a little ice.  Experience the caramel. Then make yourself a drink.  It’s a great price.  And when you get to Saint John’s…tell them we sent you now that you are ready to Kiss the Cod.