Funnel Cake Ale? Corn Dog Kolsch?

Get your freak on as Shmaltz brewing continues to astound us with their carnival inspired great tastes.

Touting the praises from the worlds smallest brewery is big news. Brooklyn has its bragging rights for adventure and Coney Island Brewery Beer is here to delivery some side show flavors worthy of any beer critics best review.

Making beer one gallon at a time is a great way to perfect a taste profile.

None of their beers are for the faint of heart. So why not let your palate experience the roller-coaster of flavor that is Coney Island.

The story here is all about authenticity.  The product produced by Shmaltz Brewing Company is rated high, offers true american craft and even if you grew up afraid of clowns… Coney Island gives you a chance to embrace your fears and try something a little outside of the ordinary.

Available exclusively at better independent and private liquor stores throughout British Columbia, Coney Island is found in share size single serve 630ml bottles and seasonally available 330ml variety 12 packs.

Don’t let the name fool you – There is absolutely no clowning around with this Big Little brand.