We have heard it all.. Stop the suffering! Now is the time to enjoy Gluten Free Beer as part of the craft as a respectable growth category.

Greens Gluten-Free Belgian Beer

Greens Gluten-Free Belgian Beer

Good tasting Gluten Free Beer is available on the market from many producers beyond what we have available in our portfolio…One answer is Green’s Gluten Free from Belgium. After tasting some 300 world beer we would suggest some would be hard pressed to know, or even guess, that Greens is a Gluten Free. Truth is… It’s a Belgian Beer that happens to be made from the right combinations of ingredients.

Making a Beer with ancient grains may very well be how many an Old World Brew began. Sorghum, Millet, Buckwheat, and Rice. Yes, Rice.

For many years rice was used as a conditioner by many popular big brands. The use of rice has declined as the cost of ingredients has gone up resulting in a gradual taste profile change found in some of the worlds best known brands. Making beer from one grain alone is tricky…but the Belgian and Premium Craft beer producers have shown us the potential and done a great deal to change the common conception of what a beer should taste like.

Which brings us to Wold Top of Yorkshire, England for their “Against the Grain” a beer made with corn for spectacular head retention. This beer offers a refreshing change of taste from anything we have tried before. As then, Wold Top went a step further, impressing us all to produce their remarkable and exciting   Gluten Free “Scarborough Fair IPA”.

Wold Top - Gluten Free

Wold Top – Gluten Free

Imagine that! A Gluten Free IPA. How is all this good beer possible. We think it has to do with a few things. The quality of ingredients, a careful brewing process and perhaps most important to all beer making… The Yeast. Beer is a little like Bread folks and if you mess with the yeast you’re not going to be satisfied with the finished product. Gluten Free is a good thing and Gluten Free beer can be good too!

Try a glass, share one with a friend…make it part of your assorted selections and keep those who need Gluten Free encouraged to know for sure more selection will come. As more and more beer drinkers enjoy Gluten Free as a Category worthy of our interest and support, the Brew Masters will answer the demand.