We our office is all the buzz today. Our resident Chef and Craft Beer advocate Rex Thomas @BCI_RexT is a Retail and Licensee Account

Edited copy of Image:The Brewer designed and e...

Edited copy of Image:The Brewer designed and engraved in the Sixteenth. Century by J Amman.png (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Manager representing over 60 Breweries, 14 Wineries, Multiple Cider brands, Spirits and Bomb Energy Drink.

He came across this article.  http://foodbabe.com/2013/07/17/the-shocking-ingredients-in-beer/

“The shocking Ingredients in Beer” It’s a newsworthy article. No sensationalism. No senescence. We highly recommend every consumer give it a read.

The piece is very well researched and brings home the message clear that what you drink is as important as what you eat.

We often talk about beer that insults a well made plate. Rex is a guy who takes craft beer and makes it cuisine. blending and crafting beer cocktails is just part of his game. it was his Cannery Blackberry Porter Pancakes that got him the job. Basics of good eating aside… Follow the link and see what we might call industrial brands are doing.

The next time you reach for a slightly more expensive craft beer you can appreciate the goodness you find in your glass as wholesome. Like back in the times before GMO, Propylene Glycol, MSG and other ingredients, however legal, are to unsavory to mention.