In our office there is no doubt that Samuel Smith is The Grand Daddy of Craft Beer.  In British Columbia, we keep 14 varieties available of a Diamond Logo Black Goldproduct line consistent with any of the worlds best craft beer producers known to us.


In fact we would suggest that Samuel Smith, (a brand not to be mistaken by Samuel Adams – they are two different companies), is one of the worlds most original craft breweries. Samuel Smith has been making beer as a craft before the catch phrase became what it is today.



Samuel Smith is one brand that will be hard for the new kids to overtake, The rate beer scores are high. The quality and integrity

princess Vito & Samuel Smiths Nut Brown Ale

Every one likes Samuel Smiths Nut Brown Ale (Photo credit: orimo)

pronounced.  Samuel Smith from England is a sleeping giant among craft beer enthusiasts. if you have had a bottle you know. If you have ever been tempted – what are you waiting for? And if you don’t know about the brand follow this link to find out more about the highest-rated beer in the Oct. ’13 Wine Enthusiast Magazine who is quoted as saying: Sam Smith’s Nut Brown Ale, with 93 points:  “. . . classic . . . very elegant and nuanced . . . a veritable mélange of nutty notes . . . “



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On another note: Maybe the Boston tea party should have been a beer festival? All Samuel Smith is easy to recognize by its distinctive packaging like this sample shown here with distinctive foil top and old world art design label: