Meet Brian Strumke of Stillwater Artisinal Ales…  A vagabond, Gypsy brewer. the Lone Ranger of beer how ever said… Brian is a purveyor of unconventional and uncompromising brew.

Brian parallels his brewing methods to that of his music days a globetrotting DJ, The breweries he uses around the world are his studios and he is the visiting artist. Strumke does not set any limits on the beer he crafts.  The Brian makes acquires the flavors found in the region it is brewed, using what ever natural ingredients he feels are appropriate to his aim.

Two recent “new releases” have arrived – there is a limited availability on the approximate 30 cases available. Check your premium private Liquor stores for a chance to get some.  Like record albums the artwork reflects the intensity of this craft brewers artistic works.


The Debutante: A 95 rate beer:

Making a beer like Debutante, you could be chided for “artsyness”. A Bière de Garde? Infused with heather, honeysuckle, and hyssop(?)It’s all a little…precious, isn’t it? Until you taste it! The heather, as traditionally used in Scotland, has a bittering effect faintly similar to hops. The honeysuckle and hyssop add floral and herbal suggestions. And the base Saison is gloriously caramelly and lemony. Art piece? Yep- delicious art you can drink again and again!  A 95 rate beer.

Lower Dens: A 93 rate beer:

The Stillwater Sensory Series is a collaboration between Stillwater Artisanal and singular musical artists. In this first collaboration, Stillwater works with Lower Dens to make an ale based on an interpretation of their song, “In the End is the Beginning.” Check the bottle itself for the QR code link to an exclusive Lower Dens performance of the song. This is a true artistic collaboration that aims to create a full sensory experience – sound, sight, smell, touch, and taste.

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