Nogne oMemos circulate our office at a ferocious rate. This award, That award and then…. sometimes we get a straight forward and pleasant list review.  Like the one we received pointing us to Imbibe Magazine for a list of Brown Ales. Hmm…Brown Ale.

The descriptions shown here are from the list of 10 presented in the  Imbibe Magazine Article Two shown here are available for the asking in BC private retail liquor stores :

Nogne O Brown Ale 4.5% ABV, Norway

Wheat, chocolate, amber, caramel—the malt list in this heady brew goes on, balanced by the addition of Crystal hops and English ale yeast. It offers up more than you’d expect from its modest ABV, with a zippy effervescence and cocoa-dusted notes of dried fruit, walnuts and toast. Open a bottle (or two) alongside a holiday tray of cheese, nuts and dried figs.

Samuel Smith’s Nut Brown 5% ABV, United Kingdom

From the oldest brewery in Yorkshire, England, this nut brown is made with water drawn from a well sunk in 1758 and fermented using a proprietary yeast strain that dates to the 1800s. Its subtle hazelnut tones come from the addition of roasted barley—once a traditional ingredient in brown ales. It’s light and approachable with a rustic, dry snap, making it a great pour alongside turkey with all the trimmings.

Great Craft  = Great Beer.