Cannery Brewing Baltic PorterThis is a funny name for a beer where historical reference is made to the “The Kiek in de Kök” bastion remnant of the 15th century. Located in Tallin, Estonia, the cannonball tower featured on the beer label was once an integral part in the city’s defense.

This 650ml will be on the shelf in Vancouver area private liquor stores for a limited time only beginning the early part of February. Do yourself a favour and have your local retailer reserve one for you.

The name ‘Kiek in de Kök’ means “peek into the kitchen” in Low German. From this tower it was possible to watch what the enemy was doing in their “kitchen”.

With this beer, we take a peak in the kitchen, as it is the first time the Cannery Brewing Company of Penticton BC has released a Baltic Porter – this one brewed with traditional German malts and noble hops. The sweet, roasted flavor combined with its spark of dark fruit embraces the warmth of the alcohol. The dark lager characteristics allow a rich, velvet smoothness to blast through to the finish.

With an ABV: 8% and IBU: 40 Price:  $6.50 or more depending on where you shop… this is a really good beer! Adding to the credit to a long list of BC Craft beer favorites by the Cannery that include the ever popular Blackberry Porter and Maple Stout.  This is a well established family run brewery. Mom and Dad are in the business and it appears their son Ian, has gone looking for ways to expand on the family fortune as a crusader of great taste.

Kiek in de Kök” bastion Tallin, Estonia

Kiek in de Kök” bastion Tallin, Estonia

Learn more… visit the cannery online at: or better yet, make the stop next time you’re in the area and visit the brewery tasting room in person located at:
112 – 1475 Fairview Road
Penticton, BC V2A 7W5