Rum aficionados in Vancouver are in for a treat as we welcome DIPLOMATICO “The most prized Rum brand in the world.”  Venezuelan Rum with Glassware Box Set

Tito Cordero is the master blender for Dusa, Venezuella`s most illustrious distillery. The Pair won the World title as 2013 Best Distillery and Best Blender.

Dusa Distillery –  makers of the Diplomatico Rum brand are hosting a Master Rum Class Saturday May 24, at 11:00 am to 12:30 pm at the Wedgewood Hotel and Spa’s Liaison Room.

On this occasion ticket holders and registered guests will enjoy a fully narrated exploration of the Diplomatico family of products. Ranging from 4 – 14 years the history and description of Venezuela is blended into the topic discussion of taste and the fine art of blending rum across a span of time.  This is a patient process.

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