What’s great about a can?Krombacher Can

Is it’s portability.

A can protects the product from light.

It’s relatively air tight.

Consumers win for variety.

It saves in weight. A can doesn’t shatter….

Asahi Mini Cans are Cute. (smaller than an I phone).

Asahi 2L Cans have a Handle. (tie that to the dock to chill in a lake).

Krombacher makes a 500ml Lemon Raddler. All Natural using their Mountain Spring Water Krombacher has a 5L mini-Keg at a good price, about $26.00 Excellent for the quality of the Pilsner they make.

BC Domestic Brewers are turning out 6-pack cans in a wide range of taste. A trip through BCLDB stores in the Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows area has us finding a Collection of Cannery Naramata Nut Brown, Lake Boat Lager and ever popular Anarchist Amber Ale. Also Joining in is the Mount Begbie Tall Timber and Begbie Kolsch Can offerings,  but shelf space is hard to come by for the 355ml can 6 pack so it can be a little hit and miss on availability of these.

Other Cans showing us the benefit of this format is Red Horse – Strong Beer 8% brewed by San Miguel of the Philippines… Surprising tastes value. Look for Polands #1 export Zywiec still in government stores but available as a can in private shops.  Fearless is here! …Craft Beer from Oregon shipping us a 478Ml tall boy and memo has reached my desk a  fresh batch of Gosser from Austria arrives in June.

For Variety and Convenience think Cans, Glorious Cans. Zywiec beer can and glass

If only I could type the sound of the one I’m opening now.