About Us

Direct Current Sales provides an experienced short-term and long-term B2B Sales Support Solution. As sales professionals for hire, our clients get innovative Sales Account Representation tailored to specific goals on an individual company by account basis.

Additional services are available to include comprehensive Marketing and Business Development concepts, design and creative for quick response to the need for sales on demand, account maintenance or repair.

Our Key Product and Service Focus:

Wholesale Agent/Distributor of Select Imports via the British Columbia Liquor Distribution Branch (BCLDB).

Wine Imported by: Direct Current Sales, Vancouver, BC

Commission Based Sales of Domestic and Import Beverage Products.

Export Sales Activities include: 

Made in Canada – Goods and Product of Canada – Beverages .

Management Team:
Sales: Mr. Burke Tanner – Vancouver
Export Trade Liaison: Mr. Ed “no peanut butter please” Ericsson – Kelowna, BC
Wine Consultant: Wayne “The Nose” Romano – Vancouver
Publicity Event Coordinator: K2K – “man about town”


Burke Tanner_Sales AgentBurke Tanner (DBA) Direct Current Sales
BC Agent Licence Number: 306144
Vancouver, BC, Canada
V5N 1T5

Telephone: 604.340.4465


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