Asahi On-Tap! “The Beer for All Seasons” is available in Vancouver, BC

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Asahi Logo as Featured on packaged product.Here you have it!

An International Award Winning, Premium Draught Beer with a Brand Name everybody knows.

No Doubt about it… Asahi Lager has a sophisticated taste profile that holds a loyal following. From the Tap, the beer is ultra clean, refreshing with a luxurious creamy head.

And so, Asahi “GETS the CALL” to Provide Food and Beverage Operators a High Profit Yield with multiple per visit order counts and a solid repeat customer capture rate.

Crafted Specifically for Food Pairing, Asahi “Super Dry” offers a malt and hop characteristic perfectly balanced to show bitterness with a palate pleasing clean finish to earn its title as “A Beer For All Seasons”. The reference to season as in goes great with all types of food. Asahi is a beer that compliments a Steak or Burger and can “cut the fat” of oily foods and at the same time be enjoyed with delicate flavours such as Raw fish, Oysters or Salads.

As a Session Beer Asahi offers a drink-ability supported by a well renowned expectation of quality assured. Using a rare and proprietary special strain of yeast generates a pleasing aroma and causes less “bloating” too. Fact is: Asahi does not “fill you up” like other beer may. It is this same yeast that creates an exceptional taste that also provides a long shelf life without preservatives.

In British Columbia, IMPORTED from the Asahi Brewery in JAPAN, Asahi arrives in several packaged formats to include a 19 litre keg. The 24 inch tall, narrow cylinder is light and easy for bar staff to manage and can be stored at room temperature. Full Service Delivery includes Euro-coupler and Line Maintenance.

Hoshizaki Countertop Flash ChillerPortable Asahi? An available Counter top “Flash Chiller” is available for accounts that want to showcase Asahi at a special event, remote service location such as a patio or for use on a trial run introduction to a new customer base.

The Bottom line is this: This is a beer taste that is a welcome find at any pour house or eatery. Using the finest ingredients and advanced beer making technology very few can compare to the quality control standard found at this price point. Very few beer styles are as easy to quaff as Asahi and that encourages sales and sales make for Profit.

A Worldwide Top Seller: By benefit of the last 15 year Sushi Trend, Asahi is proven as the #1 Japanese beer brand in BC by volume. (Ref: BCLDB reporting). In Japan, Asahi is #1 as a taste profile developed to compete against a burgeoning wine industry. And in other countries like England, another beer drinking Nation, Asahi is touted as one of their favorite go-to selections.

Enjoy the World Famous Taste of: Asahi “Super Dry”

– The Beer for All Seasons, All Nationalities and All Cuisine –

Places to Find Asahi and Great Food and Experience Vancouver:

Blue Water Cafe + Raw Bar
1095 Hamilton Street, Vancouver, BC V6B 5T4, Canada
+1 604-688-8078

Fairmont Pacific Rim Hotel
1038 Canada Place, Vancouver, BC V6C 0B9, Canada
+1 604-695-5300

Keefer Bar
135 Keefer Street, Vancouver, BC V6A 1X3, Canada
+1 604-688-1961


Spanish Wine makes the grade!

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Bocopa Bodegas logo

It’s Back to School and we are learning a thing or two about a sleeping giant – Spain. And with the likes of Robert Parker offering scores of over 90+ points, Now is the time for the Western World to discover the unique and remarkable Terroir Espana!  

The Influence Spain has had on the world isn’t limited to how in 1492, King Ferdinand and Queen Isabell, the joint monarchs of Spain, agreed to finance Columbus’s voyage in return for the gold, spices, and riches that he might find. These People where already rich. They had Wine!

The message is plain and simple. Old World Vines dating back to Roman times. Vines widely spaced. The utilization of natural irrigation, Organic Crops combined with Care and Passion. Clearly more credit is due to producers from this region. Obviously more discovery is to come. Exploration that has us saying: “Mi Amor. Preciosa”.

And so, a Loving Romance has begun in this office for the spectacular Wines of Spain.


Celebrate #craftbeer at Jimmy’s Taphouse Vancouver June 6th

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Jimmy's Cask Event - JuneAnother great Cannery Brewing Cask taps at 4pm.  Stop by Jimmy’s for a great food value and a $4.50 sleeve. there: 783 Homer Street at Robson…

Every month Jimmy’s brings in a special item to show support for Craft Beer and give us a chance to try something new.

Calypso and Nelson hops gets this Tangerine and Orange edition of the Paddles Up Pale Ale to a whole new level of taste!


#CraftBeer – Cans Glorious Cans

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What’s great about a can?Krombacher Can

Is it’s portability.

A can protects the product from light.

It’s relatively air tight.

Consumers win for variety.

It saves in weight. A can doesn’t shatter….

Asahi Mini Cans are Cute. (smaller than an I phone).

Asahi 2L Cans have a Handle. (tie that to the dock to chill in a lake).

Krombacher makes a 500ml Lemon Raddler. All Natural using their Mountain Spring Water Krombacher has a 5L mini-Keg at a good price, about $26.00 Excellent for the quality of the Pilsner they make.

BC Domestic Brewers are turning out 6-pack cans in a wide range of taste. A trip through BCLDB stores in the Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows area has us finding a Collection of Cannery Naramata Nut Brown, Lake Boat Lager and ever popular Anarchist Amber Ale. Also Joining in is the Mount Begbie Tall Timber and Begbie Kolsch Can offerings,  but shelf space is hard to come by for the 355ml can 6 pack so it can be a little hit and miss on availability of these.

Other Cans showing us the benefit of this format is Red Horse – Strong Beer 8% brewed by San Miguel of the Philippines… Surprising tastes value. Look for Polands #1 export Zywiec still in government stores but available as a can in private shops.  Fearless is here! …Craft Beer from Oregon shipping us a 478Ml tall boy and memo has reached my desk a  fresh batch of Gosser from Austria arrives in June.

For Variety and Convenience think Cans, Glorious Cans. Zywiec beer can and glass

If only I could type the sound of the one I’m opening now.

Rum Tasting – Tito Cordero – Master Blender visits Vancouver.

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Rum aficionados in Vancouver are in for a treat as we welcome DIPLOMATICO “The most prized Rum brand in the world.”  Venezuelan Rum with Glassware Box Set

Tito Cordero is the master blender for Dusa, Venezuella`s most illustrious distillery. The Pair won the World title as 2013 Best Distillery and Best Blender.

Dusa Distillery –  makers of the Diplomatico Rum brand are hosting a Master Rum Class Saturday May 24, at 11:00 am to 12:30 pm at the Wedgewood Hotel and Spa’s Liaison Room.

On this occasion ticket holders and registered guests will enjoy a fully narrated exploration of the Diplomatico family of products. Ranging from 4 – 14 years the history and description of Venezuela is blended into the topic discussion of taste and the fine art of blending rum across a span of time.  This is a patient process.

Learn more: visit



Cannery Baltic Porter arrives in limited supply – Private Stores Only – #craftbeer

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It’s Here – in limited supply. Dark and Delicious.

Cannery Brewing Company #craftbeer #yvr “Kiek in de Kök” Baltic Porter 650ml arrives this February

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Cannery Brewing Baltic PorterThis is a funny name for a beer where historical reference is made to the “The Kiek in de Kök” bastion remnant of the 15th century. Located in Tallin, Estonia, the cannonball tower featured on the beer label was once an integral part in the city’s defense.

This 650ml will be on the shelf in Vancouver area private liquor stores for a limited time only beginning the early part of February. Do yourself a favour and have your local retailer reserve one for you.

The name ‘Kiek in de Kök’ means “peek into the kitchen” in Low German. From this tower it was possible to watch what the enemy was doing in their “kitchen”.

With this beer, we take a peak in the kitchen, as it is the first time the Cannery Brewing Company of Penticton BC has released a Baltic Porter – this one brewed with traditional German malts and noble hops. The sweet, roasted flavor combined with its spark of dark fruit embraces the warmth of the alcohol. The dark lager characteristics allow a rich, velvet smoothness to blast through to the finish.

With an ABV: 8% and IBU: 40 Price:  $6.50 or more depending on where you shop… this is a really good beer! Adding to the credit to a long list of BC Craft beer favorites by the Cannery that include the ever popular Blackberry Porter and Maple Stout.  This is a well established family run brewery. Mom and Dad are in the business and it appears their son Ian, has gone looking for ways to expand on the family fortune as a crusader of great taste.

Kiek in de Kök” bastion Tallin, Estonia

Kiek in de Kök” bastion Tallin, Estonia

Learn more… visit the cannery online at: or better yet, make the stop next time you’re in the area and visit the brewery tasting room in person located at:
112 – 1475 Fairview Road
Penticton, BC V2A 7W5

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