Consumer Backlash in Vancouver: Why is the Japanese Asahi Beer Brand Made in China?

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Vancouver, BC, Canada: Consumers in this part of the world are very label conscious. Reading the ingredients of a product in grocery stores has almost become a national obsession. So, it goes to follow that Vancouver, the home of “Healthy Living” and recognized World Brand Excellence by the likes of yoga apparel giant Lululemon and early adopter Hootsuite (a brilliantly successful .com) the arrival of Japan’s #1 Beer as “Made in China” has really made a stir.

In a easily recognized and ever popular “Big Bottle” the change-up came sometime after the devastating 2011 tsunami crippled the Fukushima Nuclear Reactor. Learn more about Fukushima and the 2011 tsunami event. Japan got hit hard.

This was a major event… Japan is still in the recovery of this. But life goes on.

Asahi is a 100 year-old Brand. Born out of the Osaka Brewing Company the Beer was introduced in america to win “Best Beer” at the 1893 Chicago World Fair. That is interesting…especially for BC and the West Coast where Craft Beer is significant to the Trade. With an Authentic Origin that is Craft, the Osaka Brewing Co. “Asahi” became the asahi Brewing Company of Tokyo – Their Experience and Technology resulted in the creation of what we call “Super Dry” and it is Brewing Perfected.

With Agricultural Awards for the handling of the raw ingredients to reduce the bruising of the Hops, Precision production standards and organization that the Japanese are famous for this is a Product and Brand representative of a nation that knows “hardship”.

China is a country where many are living in Hardship. News Lines are full of information surrounding various industry “bad practices”, “pollution” and “health safety” concerns. No wonder Chinese Nationals and Regional Asia people from Korea and other countries avoid good produced in China.

So why is this format of Asahi Brewed there?

Well, in-part because the world is round and we all have to do our part. The past is behind us and Asahi has entered China with their feet on the ground to put themselves in a Leadership Role. The Brewery is a Japanese Organization operating in China using the Asahi Code of Corporate Conduct. The Social Responsibility of Asahi is reaching beyond the boarders of Japan to pioneer reform and bring to China the very standards we in the west expect and by our choices command.

Canadians will not tolerate contaminated goods. Here in Canada, we have one of the best food and safety inspection agencies in the world. we could join the Anti-China sentiment and discontinue the import of this product but that would do nothing to contribute to the more important matter of making the world a better place to live.

And Beer does that? You might ask. Asahi is a global company with global distribution. They offset their footprint with a reforestation program. They use solar power in their plants. They have water management systems that make sure the Product is “Clean”. While their nation is a nation of strength the Brand is proudly displaying their ability to make change in their own back yard by placing a Brewery in China. The Beer may be a little more bitter than the Aluminum Can package product and draught beer that is brewed in Japan but we attribute that slight variation to “Bottle Bruising”. Reasonable?

The recipe and raw ingredients as far as we know is the same. And the “Yeast”… Asahi yeast gets the credit for bringing out the Aroma and Karakuchi Taste. Anyone who claims the beer doesn’t have aroma has a nose problem and should not be trusted for their opinion. Asahi is Brand that developed the technology for “Dry Beer”. The Japanese do good business and it will not hurt China one little bit by having this shining example “of what a company should be doing” on their soil.

We applaud Asahi for their execution in this, the intelligence to place production in a logistical cost and energy saving position related to the glass bottle. which is also a safe and well managed component of this product. The consumer stands a better chance of getting a dirty bottle from Champagne or mouse droppings in their Belgian craft befor ever finding a spec of contaminant in a bottle of Asahi as exported from Taiwan as is the smaller 330ml Bottle and then there are the Cans. Famous for Vending Machines, Japan exports the Cans because Aluminum and steel production is a benchmark of Japans industrialization.

We understand the objection to “Goods Made in China”. Just like we don’t want our children working in the basement of a toy factory. Asahi on the other hand. They have stood up to do something about it. The Japanese have invaded China time and time again but this time…Now – The Japanese are doing a bold and noble thing. They are putting there reputation  as the #1 Beer in Japan. A Product that holds a Gold Medal Standard as the “Best Import Lager 2014” to show the world what it is going to take to make change. Asahi has risked it all. The Backlash is severe. Some restaurants have Boycotted the entire collection of cans and bottles because of the brewery relationship in China.

So the next time you reach for a Lager – Give Asahi a try for it’s taste. The way it goes down. The easy non-bloating 5% session-able flavour that goes great with BBQ and Steak. Asahi is Japan’s # Beer for more than it’s Country of Origin.

Asahi is #1 because it is one of the Best Lagers in the World. Beer guys know this. Girls like it too!

We all know China needs to see change,,. The world welcomes change. We think Asahi has done a good thing by going out on this limb. Bravo Asahi Brewing Company – Finally, a “Big Brand” with a Heart. Show ’em how it is done…

Which begs the question? What ever happened to the Vancouver Asahi Baseball Team… while there is no relation to the Brewery we wonder if there are any decedents of this bit of BC’s history around to tell a tale or two?


Vancouver Men’s Show at the Abbotsford Convention Center

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Come one – come all!  Visit this months most exciting consumer show for Men… It may be raining but we will all be enjoying the hustle and bustle of activities designed to suit almost every guy.

Visit the Beverage Concepts Tasting Table  where we will be presenting popular items from our Favorite Top Selling Beer and Rum Brands.  Come on by to experience some of the Best of BC with flavours from Mount Begbie Brewery of Revelstoke and try their Nasty Habit IPA.

Get into the Summer season with a Mixed 6pk of cans available from the Cannery Micro Brewery in Penticton.  The Cannery Collection features 2 Classic IPA, 2 uniquely balanced Anarchist Amber Ale and 2 of their flagship Naramata Nut Brown Ale.

Our newest entry to our BC Craft Brew portfolio is Tin Whistle Scorpion Double IPA where malts surround the hops in a 650ml bottle format.


Asahi Super Dry backs up the beer table with its unbeatable clean finish that pairs so well with delicate foods through to the most expressive BBQ.  It hangs out well with a grilled steak or the best chicken wings you can find.  Tray an Asahi with a burger or chicken or ribs.  The #1 Beer in Japan is the #1 selling Japanese beer in BC. All Asahi is Imported direct from an Asahi Breweryincluding the new 19l kegs.

Another Import product offered at this event will include top selling “super specs”  Alhambra from Spain, a rich golden 6.4% lager that gives even the best know Euro-beers a run for their money.  This one is our agency favorite a sit down with a six pack session beer.  Try one and you’ll find out what a long 57 day brewing cycle can do to a beer.

For Spirits we welcome you with a sip of the world-famous Newfoundland Screech Rum, Young’s Old Sam and just imagine at what Diplomatico Reserva, and Diplomatico Exclusiva can do for you neat or in your favorite cocktail.

Venezuelan Rum with Glassware Box Set

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the #1 Japanese beer taste in BC

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Asahi is the #1 Japanese Beer in Japan… So it comes as no surprise that Asahi “Super Dry” is the preferred choice in BC too.

Asahi is a leader on the world brewing stage…Maybe the third Largest brewer in the world…the 9 Asahi Breweries located in and around Japan make more hectolitres of beer than all the Canadian breweries combined.

It’s Science that makes this beer the best lager for paring with delicate foods like sushi and pasta. Remarkable technology that made Asahi the grandfather of every other “dry” beer brand.  In addition to a crisp, palate pleasing and refreshing taste, Asahi Lager is the perfect companion to Steak and BBQ. (the Japanese really know BBQ). And the Japanese also know Technology.  The Brand is Super Dry and Super Green…They have won agricultural awards for the handling of the raw ingredients (you never want to bruise your hops).  They use Solar Power and have even found a way to divide the brewing process into parts, stages that reduce energy consumption.

It is important to note that Asahi is not a rice beer…and unique to the brand is the proprietary non-bloating yeast strain 312 which results in a beer that has a one year shelf life preservative free!  Oh and did we mention the beer is “non-bloating”…that’s right!  The Asahi yeast produces a beer that never fills you up, so it doesn’t interfere with the food you are eating or the amount you might like to drink when sitting at a baseball game having a good time.

Look for the available 6pack, 640ml bottles, resealable 2litre can with handle and the versatile “go anywhere” 135 mini can.