Asahi On-Tap! “The Beer for All Seasons” is available in Vancouver, BC

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Asahi Logo as Featured on packaged product.Here you have it!

An International Award Winning, Premium Draught Beer with a Brand Name everybody knows.

No Doubt about it… Asahi Lager has a sophisticated taste profile that holds a loyal following. From the Tap, the beer is ultra clean, refreshing with a luxurious creamy head.

And so, Asahi “GETS the CALL” to Provide Food and Beverage Operators a High Profit Yield with multiple per visit order counts and a solid repeat customer capture rate.

Crafted Specifically for Food Pairing, Asahi “Super Dry” offers a malt and hop characteristic perfectly balanced to show bitterness with a palate pleasing clean finish to earn its title as “A Beer For All Seasons”. The reference to season as in goes great with all types of food. Asahi is a beer that compliments a Steak or Burger and can “cut the fat” of oily foods and at the same time be enjoyed with delicate flavours such as Raw fish, Oysters or Salads.

As a Session Beer Asahi offers a drink-ability supported by a well renowned expectation of quality assured. Using a rare and proprietary special strain of yeast generates a pleasing aroma and causes less “bloating” too. Fact is: Asahi does not “fill you up” like other beer may. It is this same yeast that creates an exceptional taste that also provides a long shelf life without preservatives.

In British Columbia, IMPORTED from the Asahi Brewery in JAPAN, Asahi arrives in several packaged formats to include a 19 litre keg. The 24 inch tall, narrow cylinder is light and easy for bar staff to manage and can be stored at room temperature. Full Service Delivery includes Euro-coupler and Line Maintenance.

Hoshizaki Countertop Flash ChillerPortable Asahi? An available Counter top “Flash Chiller” is available for accounts that want to showcase Asahi at a special event, remote service location such as a patio or for use on a trial run introduction to a new customer base.

The Bottom line is this: This is a beer taste that is a welcome find at any pour house or eatery. Using the finest ingredients and advanced beer making technology very few can compare to the quality control standard found at this price point. Very few beer styles are as easy to quaff as Asahi and that encourages sales and sales make for Profit.

A Worldwide Top Seller: By benefit of the last 15 year Sushi Trend, Asahi is proven as the #1 Japanese beer brand in BC by volume. (Ref: BCLDB reporting). In Japan, Asahi is #1 as a taste profile developed to compete against a burgeoning wine industry. And in other countries like England, another beer drinking Nation, Asahi is touted as one of their favorite go-to selections.

Enjoy the World Famous Taste of: Asahi “Super Dry”

– The Beer for All Seasons, All Nationalities and All Cuisine –

Places to Find Asahi and Great Food and Experience Vancouver:

Blue Water Cafe + Raw Bar
1095 Hamilton Street, Vancouver, BC V6B 5T4, Canada
+1 604-688-8078

Fairmont Pacific Rim Hotel
1038 Canada Place, Vancouver, BC V6C 0B9, Canada
+1 604-695-5300

Keefer Bar
135 Keefer Street, Vancouver, BC V6A 1X3, Canada
+1 604-688-1961


the #1 Japanese beer taste in BC

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Asahi is the #1 Japanese Beer in Japan… So it comes as no surprise that Asahi “Super Dry” is the preferred choice in BC too.

Asahi is a leader on the world brewing stage…Maybe the third Largest brewer in the world…the 9 Asahi Breweries located in and around Japan make more hectolitres of beer than all the Canadian breweries combined.

It’s Science that makes this beer the best lager for paring with delicate foods like sushi and pasta. Remarkable technology that made Asahi the grandfather of every other “dry” beer brand.  In addition to a crisp, palate pleasing and refreshing taste, Asahi Lager is the perfect companion to Steak and BBQ. (the Japanese really know BBQ). And the Japanese also know Technology.  The Brand is Super Dry and Super Green…They have won agricultural awards for the handling of the raw ingredients (you never want to bruise your hops).  They use Solar Power and have even found a way to divide the brewing process into parts, stages that reduce energy consumption.

It is important to note that Asahi is not a rice beer…and unique to the brand is the proprietary non-bloating yeast strain 312 which results in a beer that has a one year shelf life preservative free!  Oh and did we mention the beer is “non-bloating”…that’s right!  The Asahi yeast produces a beer that never fills you up, so it doesn’t interfere with the food you are eating or the amount you might like to drink when sitting at a baseball game having a good time.

Look for the available 6pack, 640ml bottles, resealable 2litre can with handle and the versatile “go anywhere” 135 mini can.

160+ beverage choices and counting…

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Beer from 25 different countries,

International Spirits

Domestic and Specialty – Single Serve – Craft Beer

Fraser Valley – VQA Wine from Neck of the Woods

Plus Import Wine options from Chile, USA, Australia and More….Oh my!

Top Sellers include:

Asahi – Japan’s #1 beer (and the #1 Japanese beer taste in BC) is a delightful 5% lager that features a range of unique and interesting qualities.  A true import. all Asahi sold in Canada is from one of the 9 Pacific Rim Asahi breweries in Asia.

Asahi boasts one of the most environmentally friendly production facilities and everyone can enjoy the “Super Dry” taste and non-bloating yeast.  Never filling and always fresh.  Asahi is preservative free.

Asahi is available in British Columbia as a 135ml mini can, 500ml cans, 330ml bottle 6packs, 640ml bottles and a resealable 2litre can.

And on your next visit to a Tapas Bar look for look for Alhambra 6.4% golden lager from Spain.  A 57 day brewing cycle creates an Earthen Crisp Euro Style beer that is free of brewers droop.  Have one at 4:20 pm and feel a pick me up boost that puts the happy in happy hour.

Beer from the Worlds Oldest Brewery !!! Weihenstephaner is now available in BC in a 500ml Bottle – why not…start at the beginning.

Lucky Buddha –  from the land of a thousand lakes…
the name says it all.