Consumer Backlash in Vancouver: Why is the Japanese Asahi Beer Brand Made in China?

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Vancouver, BC, Canada: Consumers in this part of the world are very label conscious. Reading the ingredients of a product in grocery stores has almost become a national obsession. So, it goes to follow that Vancouver, the home of “Healthy Living” and recognized World Brand Excellence by the likes of yoga apparel giant Lululemon and early adopter Hootsuite (a brilliantly successful .com) the arrival of Japan’s #1 Beer as “Made in China” has really made a stir.

In a easily recognized and ever popular “Big Bottle” the change-up came sometime after the devastating 2011 tsunami crippled the Fukushima Nuclear Reactor. Learn more about Fukushima and the 2011 tsunami event. Japan got hit hard.

This was a major event… Japan is still in the recovery of this. But life goes on.

Asahi is a 100 year-old Brand. Born out of the Osaka Brewing Company the Beer was introduced in america to win “Best Beer” at the 1893 Chicago World Fair. That is interesting…especially for BC and the West Coast where Craft Beer is significant to the Trade. With an Authentic Origin that is Craft, the Osaka Brewing Co. “Asahi” became the asahi Brewing Company of Tokyo – Their Experience and Technology resulted in the creation of what we call “Super Dry” and it is Brewing Perfected.

With Agricultural Awards for the handling of the raw ingredients to reduce the bruising of the Hops, Precision production standards and organization that the Japanese are famous for this is a Product and Brand representative of a nation that knows “hardship”.

China is a country where many are living in Hardship. News Lines are full of information surrounding various industry “bad practices”, “pollution” and “health safety” concerns. No wonder Chinese Nationals and Regional Asia people from Korea and other countries avoid good produced in China.

So why is this format of Asahi Brewed there?

Well, in-part because the world is round and we all have to do our part. The past is behind us and Asahi has entered China with their feet on the ground to put themselves in a Leadership Role. The Brewery is a Japanese Organization operating in China using the Asahi Code of Corporate Conduct. The Social Responsibility of Asahi is reaching beyond the boarders of Japan to pioneer reform and bring to China the very standards we in the west expect and by our choices command.

Canadians will not tolerate contaminated goods. Here in Canada, we have one of the best food and safety inspection agencies in the world. we could join the Anti-China sentiment and discontinue the import of this product but that would do nothing to contribute to the more important matter of making the world a better place to live.

And Beer does that? You might ask. Asahi is a global company with global distribution. They offset their footprint with a reforestation program. They use solar power in their plants. They have water management systems that make sure the Product is “Clean”. While their nation is a nation of strength the Brand is proudly displaying their ability to make change in their own back yard by placing a Brewery in China. The Beer may be a little more bitter than the Aluminum Can package product and draught beer that is brewed in Japan but we attribute that slight variation to “Bottle Bruising”. Reasonable?

The recipe and raw ingredients as far as we know is the same. And the “Yeast”… Asahi yeast gets the credit for bringing out the Aroma and Karakuchi Taste. Anyone who claims the beer doesn’t have aroma has a nose problem and should not be trusted for their opinion. Asahi is Brand that developed the technology for “Dry Beer”. The Japanese do good business and it will not hurt China one little bit by having this shining example “of what a company should be doing” on their soil.

We applaud Asahi for their execution in this, the intelligence to place production in a logistical cost and energy saving position related to the glass bottle. which is also a safe and well managed component of this product. The consumer stands a better chance of getting a dirty bottle from Champagne or mouse droppings in their Belgian craft befor ever finding a spec of contaminant in a bottle of Asahi as exported from Taiwan as is the smaller 330ml Bottle and then there are the Cans. Famous for Vending Machines, Japan exports the Cans because Aluminum and steel production is a benchmark of Japans industrialization.

We understand the objection to “Goods Made in China”. Just like we don’t want our children working in the basement of a toy factory. Asahi on the other hand. They have stood up to do something about it. The Japanese have invaded China time and time again but this time…Now – The Japanese are doing a bold and noble thing. They are putting there reputation  as the #1 Beer in Japan. A Product that holds a Gold Medal Standard as the “Best Import Lager 2014” to show the world what it is going to take to make change. Asahi has risked it all. The Backlash is severe. Some restaurants have Boycotted the entire collection of cans and bottles because of the brewery relationship in China.

So the next time you reach for a Lager – Give Asahi a try for it’s taste. The way it goes down. The easy non-bloating 5% session-able flavour that goes great with BBQ and Steak. Asahi is Japan’s # Beer for more than it’s Country of Origin.

Asahi is #1 because it is one of the Best Lagers in the World. Beer guys know this. Girls like it too!

We all know China needs to see change,,. The world welcomes change. We think Asahi has done a good thing by going out on this limb. Bravo Asahi Brewing Company – Finally, a “Big Brand” with a Heart. Show ’em how it is done…

Which begs the question? What ever happened to the Vancouver Asahi Baseball Team… while there is no relation to the Brewery we wonder if there are any decedents of this bit of BC’s history around to tell a tale or two?


Asahi On-Tap! “The Beer for All Seasons” is available in Vancouver, BC

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Asahi Logo as Featured on packaged product.Here you have it!

An International Award Winning, Premium Draught Beer with a Brand Name everybody knows.

No Doubt about it… Asahi Lager has a sophisticated taste profile that holds a loyal following. From the Tap, the beer is ultra clean, refreshing with a luxurious creamy head.

And so, Asahi “GETS the CALL” to Provide Food and Beverage Operators a High Profit Yield with multiple per visit order counts and a solid repeat customer capture rate.

Crafted Specifically for Food Pairing, Asahi “Super Dry” offers a malt and hop characteristic perfectly balanced to show bitterness with a palate pleasing clean finish to earn its title as “A Beer For All Seasons”. The reference to season as in goes great with all types of food. Asahi is a beer that compliments a Steak or Burger and can “cut the fat” of oily foods and at the same time be enjoyed with delicate flavours such as Raw fish, Oysters or Salads.

As a Session Beer Asahi offers a drink-ability supported by a well renowned expectation of quality assured. Using a rare and proprietary special strain of yeast generates a pleasing aroma and causes less “bloating” too. Fact is: Asahi does not “fill you up” like other beer may. It is this same yeast that creates an exceptional taste that also provides a long shelf life without preservatives.

In British Columbia, IMPORTED from the Asahi Brewery in JAPAN, Asahi arrives in several packaged formats to include a 19 litre keg. The 24 inch tall, narrow cylinder is light and easy for bar staff to manage and can be stored at room temperature. Full Service Delivery includes Euro-coupler and Line Maintenance.

Hoshizaki Countertop Flash ChillerPortable Asahi? An available Counter top “Flash Chiller” is available for accounts that want to showcase Asahi at a special event, remote service location such as a patio or for use on a trial run introduction to a new customer base.

The Bottom line is this: This is a beer taste that is a welcome find at any pour house or eatery. Using the finest ingredients and advanced beer making technology very few can compare to the quality control standard found at this price point. Very few beer styles are as easy to quaff as Asahi and that encourages sales and sales make for Profit.

A Worldwide Top Seller: By benefit of the last 15 year Sushi Trend, Asahi is proven as the #1 Japanese beer brand in BC by volume. (Ref: BCLDB reporting). In Japan, Asahi is #1 as a taste profile developed to compete against a burgeoning wine industry. And in other countries like England, another beer drinking Nation, Asahi is touted as one of their favorite go-to selections.

Enjoy the World Famous Taste of: Asahi “Super Dry”

– The Beer for All Seasons, All Nationalities and All Cuisine –

Places to Find Asahi and Great Food and Experience Vancouver:

Blue Water Cafe + Raw Bar
1095 Hamilton Street, Vancouver, BC V6B 5T4, Canada
+1 604-688-8078

Fairmont Pacific Rim Hotel
1038 Canada Place, Vancouver, BC V6C 0B9, Canada
+1 604-695-5300

Keefer Bar
135 Keefer Street, Vancouver, BC V6A 1X3, Canada
+1 604-688-1961

Celebrate #craftbeer at Jimmy’s Taphouse Vancouver June 6th

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Jimmy's Cask Event - JuneAnother great Cannery Brewing Cask taps at 4pm.  Stop by Jimmy’s for a great food value and a $4.50 sleeve. there: 783 Homer Street at Robson…

Every month Jimmy’s brings in a special item to show support for Craft Beer and give us a chance to try something new.

Calypso and Nelson hops gets this Tangerine and Orange edition of the Paddles Up Pale Ale to a whole new level of taste!


#CraftBeer – Cans Glorious Cans

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What’s great about a can?Krombacher Can

Is it’s portability.

A can protects the product from light.

It’s relatively air tight.

Consumers win for variety.

It saves in weight. A can doesn’t shatter….

Asahi Mini Cans are Cute. (smaller than an I phone).

Asahi 2L Cans have a Handle. (tie that to the dock to chill in a lake).

Krombacher makes a 500ml Lemon Raddler. All Natural using their Mountain Spring Water Krombacher has a 5L mini-Keg at a good price, about $26.00 Excellent for the quality of the Pilsner they make.

BC Domestic Brewers are turning out 6-pack cans in a wide range of taste. A trip through BCLDB stores in the Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows area has us finding a Collection of Cannery Naramata Nut Brown, Lake Boat Lager and ever popular Anarchist Amber Ale. Also Joining in is the Mount Begbie Tall Timber and Begbie Kolsch Can offerings,  but shelf space is hard to come by for the 355ml can 6 pack so it can be a little hit and miss on availability of these.

Other Cans showing us the benefit of this format is Red Horse – Strong Beer 8% brewed by San Miguel of the Philippines… Surprising tastes value. Look for Polands #1 export Zywiec still in government stores but available as a can in private shops.  Fearless is here! …Craft Beer from Oregon shipping us a 478Ml tall boy and memo has reached my desk a  fresh batch of Gosser from Austria arrives in June.

For Variety and Convenience think Cans, Glorious Cans. Zywiec beer can and glass

If only I could type the sound of the one I’m opening now.

Lucky Buddha at Malone’s Garden City Liquor Store Richmond #beer

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Enlightened Beer from Hangzhou Cheerday Brewery

Enlightened Beer from Hangzhou Cheerday Brewery

Garden City Liquor Store welcomes the Chinese year 4712 with a look at Asian culture and influences.

Lucky Buddha is there to help celebrate the “year of the horse” with an enlightened beer imported from China’s Qiandao lake region. The “lake of 1,000 islands” is surrounded by lush forest and beautiful points of interest promoting a serenity unexpected.

The Beer itself is packaged in a delightful 330ml Buddha bottle.

This 4.8% lager is light and malty pale amber colour offering ; malt and yeast aromas; crisp, light with layers of malty, hoppy, yeasty flavours.

Even the most critical beer geek will appreciate the zen like characteristics found in Lucky Buddha.

The product mix at Malone’s Private Liquor Store located at Suite 400-9100 Blundell Rd, Richmond, BC V6Y 3X9, Canada caters to a wide range of mixed cultural interests.
Tel: 604-270-3222

Gong Hey Fat Choy!      Happy New Year!      Gong Xi Fa Cai!      

Organic Chocolate Ale from the Grand Daddy of #CraftBeer

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Samuel Smith`s Organic Chocolate Stout

Samuel Smith`s Organic Chocolate Stout

Chocolate. We just can’t stop talking about Chocolate? Maybe it’s the Holidays and the boxes upon boxes of sweets and other goodies that has us thinking this way.  And just when you think you have had your fill another special event comes along to carry us over until the Easter Bunny arrives – Valentines Day!

Which brings us to this Beer. If you love chocolate – Now would be the time to plan ahead, to plant the seed that gets your sweetheart to bring you some Samuel Smith Organic Chocolate Ale from England.

Now as much as we like the small bites that come in a box… Beer is Better. So while Chocolate has been, for us, a bit of a novelty in beer this old world Craft Brewery established 1758 has hit the ball out of the park. Real Beer. Organic Cocoa. Everything about Samuel Smith is Pure Craft. Deliciously precise.

And why stop with Chocolate. Sit down and explore a cornucopia of beer from Yorkshires oldest brewery that has artfully retained traditional methods, a 100-year-old original yeast strain, well water (yes water is important) and facility to produce an authentic old world finish. Samuel Smith makes Strawberry, Cherry, Raspberry, and Apricot Ale in addition to 99 point Oatmeal stout and a 95 point Nut Brown.  As for the Chocolate – were not sure if this saves on calories but if beer is your passion this one will make you blush.

Samuel Smith Organic Chocolate Stout is available most BC Privately Owned Liquor Stores for about Price: $8.00/550ml or order by the case of 12 from your favorite BCLDB Government store location Price: $5.65/550ml

Samuel Smith's Stone Fermentation  SlabsBCLDB Product Code: 686774

Learn More Visit:

@BeautyNight Hosts Masquerade Ball Nov. 2nd, 8pm – Midnight Fundraiser at Heritage Hall Main Street Vancouver #YVR

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Beauty Nights Event PosterSpecial Events that have meaning are close to our heart. operates a team of volunteers to help disadvantaged women. They offer A life-makeover.  An opportunity for participants to access the 3 streams of programming to build self-esteem & change their lives. 4 nights each week, we offer wellness, life skills development and makeovers for our participants. The “beauty nights” take place at shelters, health care facilities, drop in centres, and transition homes. In 2012, we served 250 impoverished women each week. Since 2000, we have given 36,000 makeovers.

Tonight their event, open by donation has us contributing time towards their effort as they host a Masquerade Ball complete with Live Entertainment, Fashion Show, DJ and Create your own Mask Imagination centre.

Beer & Wine – Cash Bar.

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