Crianza – Alicante Export

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The Protected Domain of Alicante, Spain is home to a Mediterranean wine story 400 years in the making. The success of careful attention to detail can be found in this Crianza.

don-mantillon-crianza-shelf-talker-12Look for this Shelf Talker

Today,  Bodegas Bocopa presents a delightful and affordable range where the fruit is hand sorted and the wine is revealed over time.

The temperature in Southern Spain plays a role in the decisions made en route to the barrel. The reflection of genuine sincerity can be found in the glass.

Then, after valuation is made, additional time is given so the wood can marry with the full fruit that is expected from this sun drenched 39th latitude.

Try one if you can find it.

Available now is BC Private Liquor Stores,


The Discovery of Spanish Wine

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It has come to our attention that Spanish Wine may be somewhat misunderstood. Maybe this is OK. Maybe some further exploration is required. No doubt – A great number of people simply do not know what they have been missing. How is that?

According to near recent data 2014 Spain remains the planets top grower. This is an agricultural reference to cultivated area to yield 13.5% of world wine grape harvest.

Interesting to note that China now ranks # 2 in geographic terms overtaking the growing area of France. However, when converted to hectoliters of wine by volume, the top 4 producers are France, Italy, USA and Spain. Is this a contest? …”USA overtakes Spain by Volume”.

With the largest consumer market being the USA, China ranks #2 for consumption. Yet China has a long way to go as a wine producing nation with a yield of about 11 million hectoliters that is much lower than what France, Italy and Spain each produce about 40 million hectoliters per year. Can China’s climate and soil even deliver a satisfactory wine grape? Clearly the world is turning in many different directions.

What can be determined from statistics? Who really cares about land mass and yield when what we really want is an enjoyable good taste profile. When all we really require is a decent understanding of a wine style, quality and taste, to make our purchase, open a bottle and have a drink. And this is what inspires us to talk about Spain, where Spanish wine continues to be a little, how do we say: “Low on the Totem Pole”.

Spain doesn’t have the Bravado in the barrel that Italy plays host with their Chianti and Prosecco. Spain doesn’t have the same Romantic relationship with Hollywood that France has so carefully cultivated as masterfully as their wine marketing of Champagne and Bordeaux, two French words that easily pass through any English spell checker. Wine sales marketing may have something to do with who you know?

So with China on the Grow Chart and the USA expanding their acreage and volume of domestic production by tremendous leaps and bounds, Spain remains quietly content in making consistently good wine for themselves. What is interesting to observe is a 25 year willingness to value add at home to their agricultural commodity to increase the potential of their export.

In Spain, the vines are typically spaced farther apart than in other wine growing nations. This adds value to the volume question as an achievement. With fewer vines spread out over a large area the yield on par with compact Italy and France as leading producers, Spain is operating a prestigious and noble code of conduct.

Great Grapes are grown in Spain. The History of wine making converges in Spain with ties to the origins of wine making dating far back to long before Columbus ever set sail to discover the new world. This heritage offers us varietals indigenous to Spain, the types that only grow well in that part of the world. And the Spanish have a secret that they have been keeping to themselves. Some wine is made for export and other wine they simple keep for themselves as observed by the tendency of the southern growers to supply their own nation.

As a wine producing nation, Spain has much to offer where an intrinsic value quality standard is undeniable. There is no multi generational marketing wizardry for perception used to influence sales. In general we find there is very little ingredient manipulation involved to bottle what the Sun and Soil creates.

What Spain represents is an earnest ecological stewardship of the land that feeds their people. Spain has retained a rich diverse culture that translates into an unspoken integrity that is uniquely apparent in the wine. Modern Architecture and Fashion, Tourism and Fantastic food surrounds a wine country that operates somewhat behind the times. Advancements in technology are utilized yet the soul of the wine maker is humble so it becomes simple to say that wine from Spain is characteristically great!

All natural when you think about it, Spain has been a major global producer for centuries and there are regions here that even experienced wine buyers are unfamiliar or blind towards recognizing. While the world is turning faster and faster, racing forward to make “more” and “more”…Spain is different. Progress comes patiently with time. In this, the Winemakers of Spain must be proud to have quietly maintained true merit of success. We’re there is discovery to be made. Join us in raising a glass to Embrace Spain for All in Good Health and Good Wealth for a life filled with blessings and joy.



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Vancouver’s Jason Browne from Calabash Bistro is Canadian Finalist at the DIPLOMATICO WORLD COCKTAIL TOURNAMENT SET to START MAY 27 in VENEZUELA

Diplomatico Rum will host its first ever World Cocktail Tournament and bring 15 competitors to Venezuela.  Jason Browne of Canada will join competitors from Australia, Canada, Colombia, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, UK, USA and Venezuela.

The finals will be divided into four heats, which will be held in bars and restaurants across Barquisimeto.

Premium 12 year rum

Premium 12 year rum

Judges for the event include Ago Perrone, Mixology Director of the prestigious Connaught bar hotel in London; Michael Mcllroy, former bartender at the famous Milk & Honey and now owner of Attaboy, both bars in New York; Geoffrey Canilao, former bartender of the legendary Employees Only Bar in New York and now Bar Manager at The Union, in Copenhagen and finally Hamish Smith, Deputy Editor of Drinks International Magazine.  “We are pleased with the caliber of competitors set for this first ever competition and know that the prestigious judging panel will hold everyone to the highest standard of competition,” says Nino Curbelo, Area Export Manager, Ron Diplomatico.

Rum fans, cocktail enthusiasts and industry experts will be able to tune into the final round scheduled for May 30th at 4 pm (Caracas time) at the Jirahara Hotel by simply going to  This round, hosted by legendary rum expert and Ambassador Ian Burrell will decide who the winner of the competition is.  “We are pleased to be able to bring the technology to the bar and offer a global audience the opportunity to cheer for their favorite bartender,” says Javier Herrera, International Marketing Manager for the brand.

The winning bartender of the Diplomatico World Tournament will receive $5,000, second place will be awarded $2,500 and third place will receive $1,000. Both participants and guests also have an opportunity to experience a one of a kind tour to Destilerias Unidas, located in La Miel and birthplace of Diplomatico and will experience the lifestyle and breathtaking beaches of Venezuela.

Beverage Concepts wishes to thank the over 30 entries to this competition and the Keefer Hotel Bar and BC Bartenders Association for their support. Congratulations to all the Vancouver Finalists – It was a tough challenge by all competitors with Jason Browne winning by 1 point.

Screech and Eggnog gets a new friend

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For years we have represented the Gold Medal award-winning Newfoundland Screech Rum.  Don’t let the name fool you. Consumer trade show after consumer trade show, this taste has proven itself to be crowd pleasing. Many people are surprised to learn it is not what they thought it would be.

The iconic Screech is as rich in taste as it is in folk-lore… it’s reputation as something harsh and sure to cause a terrible ending including making out with a fish is not what this rum is about.

Screech is 4 types of  Jamaican rum blended and aged for two years in Canada.  This cold climate maturation produces a world-class rum with countless accolades.

We enjoy the brand on the rocks or blended in a cocktail.

This year the Screech family of products grew to introduce George Street Spiced Rum.

A welcome addition to the Beverage Concepts rum line up, George Street is easy to appreciate for its unique tastes profile.

George Street is a welcome component in the Eggnog recipe presented to us by Chip Dykstra aka the Arctic Wolf.  Click here to get his recipe.

Nosey Neighbour at the Nanaimo Wine Festival

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Neck of the Woods wowed consumers at the Nanaimo Wine Festival…This one was a hit… In addition to having great Bubbles…Neck of the woods has put forward a good spin on their BC VQA Blended Red & White…with the easy to remember back label moniker  “from our neck of the woods to yours” and limited edition “Nosey Neighbour” featuring Victoria Artist Carolynne Yardley.

The Nosey Neighbour White grabbed a lot of attention for it’s easy drinking appeal that attracted a wide range of entry-level and experienced wine drinkers.

Interest was evenly split between the Zweigelt Red $15.99 and Nosey Neighbour Red $14.99 (See the Product Sell Sheet attached).

For the more sophisticated pallet we had good response from the Neck of the Woods Okanagan VQA Merlot and Sauvingnon-blanc.

Private Store Retailers will be pleased to note: the Limited edition Carollyne Yardley / Scholarship Promotion was winning the hearts of consumers and POS material will be available soon promoting the program that starts this November where .50cents from every bottle of Neck of the Woods Wine sold on the island goes towards the development of the Community Art Council of Greater Victoria Scholarship Fund.  Qualified Vancouver Island Students attending schools such as Camosun College will be able to apply for support as the Winery takes a sincere interest in this local Island program offer.