Brownies & Bubbles

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Tripple Chocolate Paleo-Vegan-Gluten Free BrowniesNutritious = Delicious

As our friendly neighbourhood Naturopath was blogging about Paleo this and gluten free that our vino exploration senses went wild when topic landed on the recipe we are sharing with you here for these Triple Chocolate Mousse Brownies:

Triple Chocolate Brownies

Because we think you will want to try it with this: And this is where it gets good. No mistake these Brownies taste great and using Avacado for the fat feel in the mousse, No eggs, wheat free and all that jazz makes them healthy too!

You had me at Mousse. Sparkling deep red Alicante Monastrell varietal grapes make for a rare sparkling wine flavour treat. Marina Espumante red wine produced by Bodegas Bocopa lands on the ounce and explodes into a full mouse.

Delectable on any occasion.

Sparkling Monastrell with Brownies

Now It’s time to prepare for the winter nights ahead by adding these Healthy Triple Chocolate Brownies as a compliment to  seductive and genuinely eligant and robustly honest tasting Alicante Sparkling Red Marina Espumante.

This is a wine drinkers wine. The bubbles are sincere and the taste profile is authentic and true to the winemakers intention.

This 90+ point wine earned Gold at the most prestigious 2015 France competition. Bubbles, Red, winer of gold medal in France.

Need we say click quick – get a bottle for while you’re baking these fabulous guilt free brownies them and one for when they are ready. Got it. Good idea, it’s better to order more.

And don’t forget the recipe!

New to Canada the Wine is sold in BC private stores and will be arriving next in Alberta mid to late 2017

Recipe Card Brownie Directions for Bottom Layer
Recipe Card Brownie Directions for Middle and Topping Layers
Brownie Directions and Ingredients = 3 parts. Enjoy. Learn more about Wellness visit Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine, New Westminster, BC, Canada


Organic Chocolate Ale from the Grand Daddy of #CraftBeer

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Samuel Smith`s Organic Chocolate Stout

Samuel Smith`s Organic Chocolate Stout

Chocolate. We just can’t stop talking about Chocolate? Maybe it’s the Holidays and the boxes upon boxes of sweets and other goodies that has us thinking this way.  And just when you think you have had your fill another special event comes along to carry us over until the Easter Bunny arrives – Valentines Day!

Which brings us to this Beer. If you love chocolate – Now would be the time to plan ahead, to plant the seed that gets your sweetheart to bring you some Samuel Smith Organic Chocolate Ale from England.

Now as much as we like the small bites that come in a box… Beer is Better. So while Chocolate has been, for us, a bit of a novelty in beer this old world Craft Brewery established 1758 has hit the ball out of the park. Real Beer. Organic Cocoa. Everything about Samuel Smith is Pure Craft. Deliciously precise.

And why stop with Chocolate. Sit down and explore a cornucopia of beer from Yorkshires oldest brewery that has artfully retained traditional methods, a 100-year-old original yeast strain, well water (yes water is important) and facility to produce an authentic old world finish. Samuel Smith makes Strawberry, Cherry, Raspberry, and Apricot Ale in addition to 99 point Oatmeal stout and a 95 point Nut Brown.  As for the Chocolate – were not sure if this saves on calories but if beer is your passion this one will make you blush.

Samuel Smith Organic Chocolate Stout is available most BC Privately Owned Liquor Stores for about Price: $8.00/550ml or order by the case of 12 from your favorite BCLDB Government store location Price: $5.65/550ml

Samuel Smith's Stone Fermentation  SlabsBCLDB Product Code: 686774

Learn More Visit: