Brownies & Bubbles

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Tripple Chocolate Paleo-Vegan-Gluten Free BrowniesNutritious = Delicious

As our friendly neighbourhood Naturopath was blogging about Paleo this and gluten free that our vino exploration senses went wild when topic landed on the recipe we are sharing with you here for these Triple Chocolate Mousse Brownies:

Triple Chocolate Brownies

Because we think you will want to try it with this: And this is where it gets good. No mistake these Brownies taste great and using Avacado for the fat feel in the mousse, No eggs, wheat free and all that jazz makes them healthy too!

You had me at Mousse. Sparkling deep red Alicante Monastrell varietal grapes make for a rare sparkling wine flavour treat. Marina Espumante red wine produced by Bodegas Bocopa lands on the ounce and explodes into a full mouse.

Delectable on any occasion.

Sparkling Monastrell with Brownies

Now It’s time to prepare for the winter nights ahead by adding these Healthy Triple Chocolate Brownies as a compliment to  seductive and genuinely eligant and robustly honest tasting Alicante Sparkling Red Marina Espumante.

This is a wine drinkers wine. The bubbles are sincere and the taste profile is authentic and true to the winemakers intention.

This 90+ point wine earned Gold at the most prestigious 2015 France competition. Bubbles, Red, winer of gold medal in France.

Need we say click quick – get a bottle for while you’re baking these fabulous guilt free brownies them and one for when they are ready. Got it. Good idea, it’s better to order more.

And don’t forget the recipe!

New to Canada the Wine is sold in BC private stores and will be arriving next in Alberta mid to late 2017

Recipe Card Brownie Directions for Bottom Layer
Recipe Card Brownie Directions for Middle and Topping Layers
Brownie Directions and Ingredients = 3 parts. Enjoy. Learn more about Wellness visit Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine, New Westminster, BC, Canada


Celebrate #craftbeer at Jimmy’s Taphouse Vancouver June 6th

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Jimmy's Cask Event - JuneAnother great Cannery Brewing Cask taps at 4pm.  Stop by Jimmy’s for a great food value and a $4.50 sleeve. there: 783 Homer Street at Robson…

Every month Jimmy’s brings in a special item to show support for Craft Beer and give us a chance to try something new.

Calypso and Nelson hops gets this Tangerine and Orange edition of the Paddles Up Pale Ale to a whole new level of taste!


Rum Tasting – Tito Cordero – Master Blender visits Vancouver.

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Rum aficionados in Vancouver are in for a treat as we welcome DIPLOMATICO “The most prized Rum brand in the world.”  Venezuelan Rum with Glassware Box Set

Tito Cordero is the master blender for Dusa, Venezuella`s most illustrious distillery. The Pair won the World title as 2013 Best Distillery and Best Blender.

Dusa Distillery –  makers of the Diplomatico Rum brand are hosting a Master Rum Class Saturday May 24, at 11:00 am to 12:30 pm at the Wedgewood Hotel and Spa’s Liaison Room.

On this occasion ticket holders and registered guests will enjoy a fully narrated exploration of the Diplomatico family of products. Ranging from 4 – 14 years the history and description of Venezuela is blended into the topic discussion of taste and the fine art of blending rum across a span of time.  This is a patient process.

Learn more: visit



What’s in your #beer ?

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What is in your beer?

Food & Hospitality Managers keen to focus on a high standard of food service will often make comment  – The Freshness, The Quality, The Presentation, The taste… of their cuisine. And then comes – Would you like a drink with that?

With wine, it’s a full spectrum of choices from Cheep and Cheerful right through to the vintage and region or even grower. So then why is it with beer what goes in the glass so often gets overlooked?

Sure, with a growing Craft Beer culture there is an evolution taste discovery but the question of what goes into that Pint of Draft remains. And when looking at the World Brands and even a few craft breweries, we have started looking at that glass of beer as another food group… one where the nutrients of the beer, are just as important the plate it is sitting beside.

Next time you call for a draft from any Big Brand or even the little guy from some small town. Ask yourself? What’s in that beer I’m ordering. If you look a little closer you might be surprised at what some Brew-masters are feeding you. And if you care about your health and fitness as much as your good times…then you may just want to change brands. If you are in the trade touting a well made plate. Then the chef’s may want to consider that what the front of house is serving may very well be an insult to all the wholesome goodness that went into the dish?

English: Ball-and-stick model of monosodium gl...

English: Ball-and-stick model of monosodium glutamate. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Things to look for that are legal, but probably shouldn’t be in our beer or diets:

  • Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) – While a natural substance MSG is still a bad Salt.
  • Propylene Glycol (an ingredient found in anti-freeze)
  • Calcium Disodium EDTA (made from formaldehyde, sodium cayanide, and Ethylenediamine)
  • Many different types of sulfites and anti-microbial preservatives (linked to allergies and asthma)
  • Natural Flavors (can come from anything natural including a beavers anal gland)
  • High Fructose Corn Syrup
  • GMO Sugars – Dextrose, Corn Syrup
  • Caramel Coloring (Class III or IV made from ammonia and classified as a carcinogen)
  • FD&C Blue 1 (Made from petroleum, linked to allergies, asthma and hyperactivity)
  • FD&C Red 40 (Made from petroleum, linked to allergies, asthma and hyperactivity)
  • FD&C Yellow 5 (Made from petroleum, linked to allergies, asthma and hyperactivity)
  • Insect-Based Dyes: carmine derived from cochineal insects to color their beer.
  • Animal Based Clarifiers: Findings include isinglass (dried fish bladder), gelatin (from skin, connective tissue, and bones), and casein (found in milk)
  • Foam Control: Used for head retention; (glyceryl monostearate and pepsin are both potentially derived from animals)
  • BPA (Bisphenol A is a component in many can liners and it may leach into the beer. BPA can mimic the female hormone estrogen and may affect sperm count, and other organ functions.)
  • Carrageenan (linked to inflammation in digestive system, IBS and considered a carcinogen in some circumstances)

A list of something to avoid no doubt.

Yea – We think the Bavarian Purity Law of 1516 is a good place to start – another way is to support local craft and get yourself an honest brew, something natural, something fresh.

What got us on this rant?

Well, if you’re gonna serve good food you may as well choose a beer to match the plate…in doing that,it doesn’t hurt to consider what we put in our body’s even if it’s a drink.

Ingredients you do not Find in #CraftBeer

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We our office is all the buzz today. Our resident Chef and Craft Beer advocate Rex Thomas @BCI_RexT is a Retail and Licensee Account

Edited copy of Image:The Brewer designed and e...

Edited copy of Image:The Brewer designed and engraved in the Sixteenth. Century by J Amman.png (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Manager representing over 60 Breweries, 14 Wineries, Multiple Cider brands, Spirits and Bomb Energy Drink.

He came across this article.

“The shocking Ingredients in Beer” It’s a newsworthy article. No sensationalism. No senescence. We highly recommend every consumer give it a read.

The piece is very well researched and brings home the message clear that what you drink is as important as what you eat.

We often talk about beer that insults a well made plate. Rex is a guy who takes craft beer and makes it cuisine. blending and crafting beer cocktails is just part of his game. it was his Cannery Blackberry Porter Pancakes that got him the job. Basics of good eating aside… Follow the link and see what we might call industrial brands are doing.

The next time you reach for a slightly more expensive craft beer you can appreciate the goodness you find in your glass as wholesome. Like back in the times before GMO, Propylene Glycol, MSG and other ingredients, however legal, are to unsavory to mention.

Eat Vancouver 2013 – Kealy’s Moonshine Launch

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Day one started off in Vancouver with Fabulous weather illuminating the many products available at BC Place stadium.

Diamond Dust filtration smooths out the taste

Diamond Dust filtration smooths out the taste

Kealy’s Vodka Moonshine is making their debut appearance chasing the Premium Vodka Customer with better price point and a dynamically packaged Art Deco Bottle that is already gracing the back bar of Vancouver top shelves.

With the Tag Line “Don’t Just Mix Your Drinks, Make Them Shine!” Kealy’s set out to make your mixed drink experience taste like the cocktail you intend to make, not the alcohol. They made it their professional goal to develop the best mixing alcohol in the world so you never have to suffer “Alcohol Shiver” again. They may have done it!

Consumer reaction suggests their claim that they made you a product so pure and clean, all you will taste in your Highball is what you want to taste – we think is true. Another two days to go  Eat Vancouver has lot’s to offer. If you are ever in the area try out the event for a great taste experience and plan time to take in a sit down seminar while you are here.

2013 Advent Calendar of Beer is booking now!

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"Joy to the World Great Beer has Come"

“Joy to the World Great Beer Will Come”

Oh come all ye faithful.  If you had a Beer Calendar last year you know how unique it was to open the perforated flap to reveal 24 specialty craft beer each day leading up to the 25th. Yes we know a few spoilers couldn’t resist and opened the whole box!

Here is the news, Retailers are placing orders now for their limited supply of 2013 Craft Beer Advent Calendars that are guaranteed to please your palette with 24 unique and interesting limited release hard to get USA and Canadian Craft beer selections.

This trade mark designed box comes complete with handle. Just add a bow!

And remember, the Advent Calendar of Craft Beer 24 pack is sure to sell out so contact your favorite retailer to join their list and reserve yours now.

With only 265 days to go it’s never to soon to make sure Santa has you on his list!

Best wishes for a great summer!

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